The Story of Us

Sven has spent decades helping souls overcome fears and confront traumas with photography and creative coaching. The bulk of his work has been with professional traveling models, who are not only comfortable nude, but live their lives as works of art, which brings with it a whole different set of fears and insecurities. From living in the therapeutic benefits of documenting life as each of us know it, and working with the Soul's benefit of being naked and free, he has dedicated his life to guiding others toward healing through the techniques that have driven him since childhood. Not only a student of psychology, philosophy, and creative therapy, but also a student of plant and animal medicines, having studied to become a Kambô practitioner in tradition of the Peruvian Matsés, and is now studying healing on more of an energetic level to compliment the psychological pursuits.

Sven et Maya Ellirand

Sven and Maya met in 2015, each in the midst of their own unique stories. Their stories blended together when Maya, on her healing journey, asked Sven, on his healing journey, to go out on a little photography adventure into Joshua Tree for a couple days. That adventure quickly evolved into a single story of creativity, healing, and a growing family.

Maya spent most of her life traveling, exploring different cultures and landscapes, while working extensively as a live model for various drawing classes and art schools. She is very much an earth soul, and is always a student of natural plant and animal medicines, as well as making her own full-spectrum CBD cream. She is passionate about living off of the land, foraging for herbs and food and making health tinctures, balms and salves from her earth findings. Maya focuses much of her time on being a momma with nature based homeschool practices, working on healing trauma, specifically childhood based and helping Sven hold Kambô ceremonies.