"...And not only that, but this entire action in itself of this photography in nature has made me feel that I really don't have to change anything about myself. I need to do my best to take care of myself and be healthy, and that will reflect inwardly and outwardly. It is partially the act of being one with nature, and also being seen in the eyes of others. It is also in the collective acknowledgement that there is joy in embracing the whole of yourself as you are and in connecting with nature to recognize the beauty in us all..." (Read the whole article)

~ Nadia

"...Woman isn’t a list of strictly beautiful and feminine things. Woman doesn’t have to be soft, smell like strawberries and not have body hair. This shoot was woman in dirt and sweat and unshaven legs and a lot of cuts and bruises by the end of the day. Woman is strong and fearless and whatever she feels like being one day to the next and your ability to flow between the blurred lines of masculine and feminine doesn’t make you any less so..." (Read the whole article)

~ Sam