I went into this experience with no expectations. All I knew was from following Ivan on Instagram. I didn't want to have my expectations influence my experience. When Ivan got there we talked for almost 2 hours. We went into what it was I wanted to release from my life. When I came up with an answer, Ivan encouraged me to go deeper. We spent most of our time talking to really get to the root of what I needed to heal. Ivan was supportive, encouraging, gentle, empathic, and intuitive. I felt comfortable to open up and really explore a part of me that I haven't wanted to see.

Ivan started the ceremony with grace and confidence. Once we started with the frog I started a meditation. It took, what I thought was a few minutes to feel the affects, but I realized when it was over that time wasn't what I thought it was. I began to feel my heartbeat and the tightness in my throat. Panic started to set in. That is when I told myself, I am fine, my body is having an experience, let it ride, don't fight it, just observe. I saw myself sitting in the spot but I was in the other side of the room. I saw myself as a little girl. Innocent, pure, joy and I felt so much unconditional love for her. Then Ivan began to talk to me and I came back. I vomited for a bit, but it wasn't unpleasant like being sick. The rest of the day I felt a little weak, but more like I was a snow globe that had been shaken up. I slept deep that night and when I woke up I felt like there was more space in my head, like the doubt, and insecurities had been released and there was more room for positive feelings.

Ivan checked in on me a few times in the coming days and we continued to talk of my experience and how I was feeling. I never felt alone.

Thank you Ivan for such a beautiful experience.

~ Leia Stull, 35, radiologic technologist

* I am currently compiling testimonials regarding clients' experience with the frog and my practice. This page will grow soon.

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