Kambô is the poisonous secretion of the Phyllomedusa bicolor, or giant monkey frog, and is a powerful medicine that has been used by tribes in Peru and Brazil for thousands of years. For the last couple decades Kambô has found its way into western societies to successfully help with addiction and depression, the heaviness that the tribes refer to as panema, a negative entity or bad spirit believed to manifest physical sickness, and well as a lack of luck or prowess in the hunt.

The peptides found in this medicine reduce stress and anxiety, reduce pain with anti-inflammatory properties, help with cancer by reducing its ability to grow, lower blood pressure and aid in heart health with vaso-dilatory effects, widening blood vessels and increasing blood flow, as well as fighting fungal and bacteria infections with powerful anti-microbial properties. This medicine also repairs organs, assists in easing and even curing various diseases, and has significantly helped with fertility issues. The healing aspects that can't be scientifically documented are in the medicine's intelligence and ability to target areas and problems in the body that you may not even be aware of yet, as it does a deep cleanse and detox, reseting the body on a cellular level, and is often referred to as nature's vaccine. The frog purifies the spirit and the mind by purging toxins and negativity, leaving you feeling calm and clear.

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